Shipping & Return

When will I receive my order?

After you have successfully placed your order, we will conduct a confirmation process and update you as soon as possible via email or Whatsapp. After the order is confirmed, you can expect to receive your order within the following time frame:

  • East Malaysia: 1 - 3 working days

  • West Malaysia: 3 - 7 working days

  • Brunei: See below schedule.

How do i know when my order has been shipped?

We will inform you the shipment details through the email or Whatsapp, so make sure you have entered your contact details correctly!

Can I cancel or change my order after order has been shipped?

Unfortunately we are unable to accomodate your request to change or cancel the order after it has been shipped.

Can you ship to Brunei?

Yes! We can deliver to your Brunei address via ONZ CrossX delivery from Miri.

What is the delivery fee to Brunei?

The delivery fee is calculated according to the total size of your parcel:

  • Shoe: RM20

  • Badminton Racquet: RM40

  • Bag: RM40

What is the mode of delivery and delivery fee within Malaysia?

JnT is our preferred method of delivery.

The delivery fee will be paid by the receiver to the handler when the order parcel arriving on your doorstep. The delivery fee is calculated based on location and weight of the parcel as required by JnT. You may check the price estimation at

Can you string the racquet for me?

Yes! Please take note that the string service may add another 1 - 3 day processing time. Once the racquet is strung, you may not be able to return or refund the racquet.

When can I receive my parcel in Brunei?

The parcel is delivered via ONZ CrossX delivery with the following schedule (updated 3/11/2023):

  • Wednesday

  • Saturday

Orders and payments must be made a day prior to the delivery schedule to avoid any delay.